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PART I: Introduction and Overview

This Student Social Code of Conduct, here after referred to as code, is adopted by the authority outlined in New Mexico State University Policy 3.101. It sets forth the rights and responsibilities of NMSU students; outlines the standards for social conduct; provides the types of interim measure and sanctions which may be imposed for violation of the code; provides a prompt and fair fact finding hearing, as well as an objective review process if students elect to appeal the outcome of the fact finding hearing.

The code consists of the following Parts:

Part I: Introduction and Overview to the Student Social Code of Conduct
Part II: Jurisdiction
Part III: Standards for Student Social Conduct
Part IV: Interim Measures Pending Fact Finding/Sanction Hearing; Range of Potential Sanctions for Substantiated Misconduct
Part V: Students’ Rights and Responsibilities; Student Discipline and Appeal Hearing Processes
Part VI: Definitions