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Immunization Requirement

On April 18, 2022, New Mexico State University announced changes related to the student immunization requirements. Students attending New Mexico State University are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

New Mexico State students must provide proof of vaccination prior to registering for classes for the first time. Extension requests may be submitted to the Office of the Dean of Students at and the situation will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Fall 2022 Specifics (Effective May 6, 2022)

  • Currently enrolled students who will be on campus for any reason must be vaccinated against COVID-19 or have an approved exemption on file by July 1, 2022. NOTE: Students who have already submitted documentation (COVID vaccine card) or have an exemption on file DO NOT need to resubmit documentation.

  • New and transfer students enrolling in classes for Fall 2022 must be vaccinated against COVID-19 or have an approved exemption on file by August 1, 2022.

New Mexico State has partnered with Med+Proctor to manage student immunization records and process records, exemption documents and compliance. Med+Proctor is integrated with the NMSU Banner single sign-on system and will provide the information directly to those monitoring compliance at NMSU.

How do I comply with current requirements?

Once you've been admitted as a student, register with Med+Proctor and submit your COVID-19 immunization record to document your records with NMSU.  Click the Med+Proctor logo (below) to get started!

Before you start you will need:

  • your Aggie Access credentials - this is the same email address and password you use to access;
  • your vaccination record; (acceptable documents for proof of COVID-19 vaccination are either a state-issued vaccination record or a COVID-19 vaccination card); OR
  • a completed CDC WAIVER form documenting the request AND supporting documentation related to your request (medical or religious);


  • New Mexico State University accepts the FDA-approved Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, as well as certain other COVID-19 vaccines (Johnson & Johnson).
  • As defined by the CDC, fully vaccinated means 2 doses of Pfizer or Moderna, or 1 dose of Johnson & Johnson.
  • Vaccines obtained outside the US are accepted, provided they have been approved by the World Health Organization.
  • We strongly encourage, but do not require, that students keep their COVID-19 vaccinations up-to-date per CDC guidelines.

Click here or on the logo below to complete your documentation OR scroll further for instructions.

Med+Proctor logo

Instructions for how to use Med+Proctor

To submit your vaccine documents or exemption request:
  1. Log on to Med+Proctor using your Aggie Access credentials – the same email address and password you use to access

  2. After logging in you will be prompted to select a $10.00 charge for review or proceed for free. Select "submit your health forms for free without the upgrade." There is no charge for students to use this service. 
    ready to submit image                                                
  3. After selecting the FREE option, you will be prompted to enter your profile information. Complete the required fields and then click continue.

    Complete the fields

  4. After you click continue, you will be directed to your documents page. Select the document type from the menu. 

    Document Type

  5. After selecting the document type, click on the choose files button. Choose your files from your computer (document, picture, etc., in jpeg or jpg format preferred) and click upload, then click continue.

    Choose Files

  6. You will receive a confirmation page and notification that Med+Proctor will notify you by email when your submission is approved. 


What if I have a reason not to be immunized?

Consistent with New Mexico public school law, students may indicate a medical or religious exemption from receiving mandatory vaccines.  To submit an waiver request, you will utilize the CDC WAIVER form and then submit it to Med+Proctor (same as link above) identifying one of the following reasons:

Medical Exemption

You will need to provide:
  • You will need to the CDC WAIVER form signed by a duly licensed physician stating that the physical condition of the student is such that immunization would seriously endanger the life or health of the student; or upload a separate affidavit or written document from your physician with the same information.

Religious Exemption

You will need to provide:
  • You will need to the CDC WAIVER form along with an affidavit or written affirmation from an officer of a recognized religious denomination that the student is a bona fide member of a denomination whose religious teaching requires reliance upon prayer or spiritual means alone for healing; OR

  • Use the CDC WAIVER form to affirm that the student's religious beliefs, held either individually or jointly with others, do not permit the administration of vaccine or other immunizing agent.

What if I don’t comply?

Students who do not submit COVID-19 vaccination documentation or receive an exemption by the required dates will be subject to disenrollment and will automatically have a “hold” placed on their record preventing registration for future classes. 


What if I have more questions or need more help? 

Please contact Aggie One Stop at 575-646-6678 ( or the Office of the Dean of Students at 575-646-1722 ( if you have questions or concerns regarding Med+Proctor, the immunization requirement, timing issues, or for assistance in fulfilling this requirement.