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Fund Raising/Sales and Solicitation

Raising funds is a means for campus organizations to supplement their other resources in meeting the goals of their organization. In order to avoid conflicts, duplications, or violation of laws or regulations, it is necessary to establish guidelines to aid in coordinating such activities.

Although the University supports organizational fund-raising efforts, it recognizes that the campus is not a market place to be exploited by opportune entrepreneurial projects. Fund raising is not the primary function of student organizations, and campus organizations do not have an implicit right to use the campus or the community for fund-raising activities.

Fund raising through sales and solicitations, both on and off-campus, are governed by University Sales and Solicitation Policies. Full text copies of these policies are available from the Campus Activities Office. The Director of Campus Activities makes interpretation of the Sales and Solicitation Policy. The Campus Activities Office is located in Corbett Center Student Union Room 235.